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How It Works

Synchrolog provides full context for errors by collecting data from 3 sources:

User Sessions

Could it be caused by something in the UI? You will be able to replay the user session in the browser when the error was triggered and see what the user was doing when it happened.

Server logs

Was the error caused by the backend? Inspect log entries that are relevant to the error. When an error is raised, look at the server logs of the user session where it happened.

Error Stack Traces

See the exact line of code where the error occured with its description and backtrace, along with useful additional information for better error diagnosis and insight.

User Sessions + Server logs + Error Stack Traces =

The result is a seamless experience to inspect and investigate errors. We put together all our sources of information to give the full context and scope of the errors. The information is presented in a convenient format where the user session is played alongside showing the synchronized logs and errors as they occur.

Layer 1

How To Get Started

Setting up Synchrolog in your web application is easy.


Create an account

Once you have your account setup, register the sites you want to track. Each one of them will have a unique API key.


Install the JavaScript snippet in your HTML

Copy the JavaScript snippet generated for your site and paste it in you HTML. Be sure to include it in all pages.


Install one of our SDKs in your server

Install the appropiate SDK for the language of your web app, or refer to the API docs to send data manually.


You're Ready!

Listen to notifications when errors are raised. Your team will stay productive while they can focus more on fixing the errors than in finding them.


Got questions? We've got answers. If you have other questions, contact us.

Do I need to provide my credit card information when I signup?

No. We don't ask for credit card information while on the private beta.

What's the pricing model?

Our pricing model is subscription based, but while the private beta is running you can use our service free of charge.

Will I be charged while the private beta is still running?

No. You will be able to use our service free of charge while the private beta is in effect.

Is this a service that I need to host on-premise?

No. We host our service so you don't have to.

Let's Get You Started

Don't bother your users anymore asking what happened. Don't waste time inspecting extensive log files and making guesses on how it happened. Enjoy the benefits of Synchrolog today.

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